In 1932 LNO Ballet School was opened owing to the effort of ballet soloist Harijs Plūcis. LNO soloist and choreographer Anatols Wiltzaks was appointed to be a director (1932/1933 season). From 1940 to 1941, the name of the school was - the School of the Opera and Ballet Theatre of LSSR, at the time of World War II it became Riga Opera Ballet School. After World War II it was renamed and now it was called Ballet Studio of Opera and Ballet Theatre of LSSR.


   In 1948 it separated from the theatre and till nowadays is called Riga Choreography School (RCS). Upon graduating RCS, students receive a specialized secondary education diploma. The School has its own hotel and since nineties of the 20th century foreign students from Germany, Czechia, Estonia, Sweden, Swiss and other countries are studying here.